Design Spotlight: The Gloves that Speak Sign Language

Quick. When’s the last time you had a conversation in sign language? If you’re like the majority of Americans, your answer to that is most likely “never”. Maybe you learned a little in elementary school– enough to perform a song, or say the alphabet– but unless you’re deaf yourself, or have a deaf family member, […]

Quicksilver Life: How to Make a Genius

Those with kids in school may be familiar with the United States’ reputation in the education world. We barely make the top 1/3rd of countries in terms of math, science, and literacy education. But a new method of learning, facilitated by technologies like the internet, may be emerging in countries like India and Mexico. When […]

Rapid Cut Feed

Welcome to Rapid Cut Pulse, where we share what has us┬átalking this week. Let us know in the comments what strikes your interest! 3D Printing News: This Semi-Automatic Gun Is “95 Percent” 3D Printed It turns out, 3D printing has applications most people haven’t considered, including in-home arms manufacturing. Should this be regulated? If so, […]