3D Printing has been on the market for a long time now, though we are still discovering the potential this technology holds. There are still things holding it back from mass public use–the technology is still somewhat limited to people who can create 3D models. The printers are expensive. These are just some of the things holding us back.

Enter the 3D Printing Pen.

The first major commercially available 3D Printing Pen is the 3Doodler, launched through a Kickstarter campaign in 2013. The project received over $2 million by the end of its campaign. Clearly, this is a technology people want.

People have even gone so far as to create fashion designs with the 3Doodler. Try doing that on a printer.

Recently, Lix Pen released their answer to the 3Doodler, touting their 3D-pen as the smallest on the market. It can be used for anything from making jewelry to complex designs and even vases. It is featured in the video above!

So, what do you think of the 3D pen? Just a fad? Or do you think it has the ability to change our landscape the way 3D Printing has? Let us know in the comments.